Jose Piedra


Vicente and Jose Piedra were two brothers, lived in Spain province of Asturias. They started their living in Santa Clara, near Vuelta Arriba region and this area is famous for its tobacco quality. They immigrated to Cuba in 1880 and they established a cigar brand there. They started to make the best one. The name of the brand was Jose Piedra. They established many flavors in this brand and all of them started to become more popular. They have been chosen the best tobaccos from Vuelta Arriba region that is one of the best tobacco regions in Cuba. That is why it is called “exclusively Haban”. Vicente and Jose Piedra loved perfection from their early childhood that is said by many people. And they continued it in their next life. They created a great blend of tobaccos and always took care of the production by themselves. The company was started in the Santa Clara and soon it recognized as a great one in the world, because of its great taste and very good flavor.