El Rey Del Mundo

El Rey Del Mundo


Once the world’s most prestigious cigar, the lineage of El Rey del Mundo cigars dates all the way back to 1882.  Holding the unique distinction of being one of Cuba's oldest cigar brands, it’s believed that El Rey del Mundo was founded by Emilil Ohmstedt, a German businessman who also created the Sancho Panza cigar.

Over time, El Rey del Mundo came under the control of Antonio Allones, a pivotal moment that propelled the brand to worldwide prestige. By the turn of the century, the ownership of El Rey del Mundo changed hands once again and fell into the possession of Candido Vega Diaz's company, Diaz Hermanos y Cia, in 1905. Interestingly, Diaz himself is believed to be the inspiration behind the Don Candido cigars. Throughout the turbulent period of the Cuban revolution, El Rey del Mundo maintained its popularity and remains one of the most celebrated brands produced by Habanos S.A. to this day.

With a naturally mellow smoking experience, El Rey del Mundo is often considered an ideal entry-level cigar. These fine Cuban cigars are crafted from expertly grown tobacco primings, cultivated in the prestigious Vuelta Abajo region. To this day,  El Rey del Mundo cigars continue to be rolled in the same Havana factory since 1905.

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