The Pleasures of Small Cigars

Giorgios Arvanitis December 17, 2013
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Flavored cigar is part of Cuban cigar culture for hundreds of years. Flavored but in premium cigar quality is not marketed for many years.

In the recent past, we have seen many world renowned Cuban and non-Cuban cigar factories have focused on producing and marketing flavored cigars in premium brands. Flavored, handmade cigars are not common by any means. It has always been manufactured in limited pieces and marketed in few places. Thus, the demand of such cigars has been outnumbered while comparing with authentic cigars. Cigars with regular taste have got a specific market demand, whereas flavored cigars are gaining popularity.

Flavored cigar is not an uncommon product for cigar aficionados. It has been producing for quite a long period of time, but not like the premium variety with typical hand rolled method. Handmade cigar with lots of flavors has been the story of few years in the cigar industry. Flavors like Amaretto, peach, Irish cream, rum, coffee, and walnut, chocolate have been incorporated in premium cigar brands. The target is to catch maximum customers’ attention. Smokers of the current era have always looked for something unique or different when it comes about smoking. Flavored cigars with variations in taste and textures have inspired them to smoke different brands of flavored cigars. Artificially incorporated flavors within cigars have not been practiced for many years, but the recent demands of such cigars have inspired factory owners to do mix and match with the raw tobacco taste and various flavors to make something spectacular.

Original or authentic cigars have a great percentage of tobacco leaves with a strong level from mild to strong. Wrapper use in such typical Cuban authentic cigar is not like flavorsome cigars at current times. Wrappers with glossy or oily appearance have always been a signature touch of cigar makers. For any experienced cigar smoker, original cigars from Cuba will always be the best gift for smoking. Machine made cigars with flavors don’t have followed rules to sustain its taste. Most of the hand rolled cigars might dry out for not storing them within humidor properly. Another important fact is that, original cigars should not be stored with flavored cigars within same humidors.

Original cigars have always meant by the Cuban cigar production. Nowadays, hundreds of brands from different countries are producing flavored cigars. So, the real authenticity is not maintained due to catch beginner smoker’s attention.

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