Giorgios Arvanitis December 19, 2013
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The small sized cigars were literally designed for those cigar lovers who wished to have the ultimate pleasures of cigars in short time. It has been a frequent complaint by the busy professionals and business personals that spend their evenings at work and could not enjoy an hour’s smoke of a standard sized cigar.
The small size of cigarillos has many advantages. They are easier to carry and you can take many at one time with you. Their small body makes them an ideal item for an on the ride smoke. There are many small sized cigars made by various cigar makers. These small treats are offered in a reasonable price and this makes them a more special choice.
The most impressive thing is that by choosing small sized cigars you are not urged to compromise on quality. The cigarillos have every single special quality of the blend which they belong. Here we provide you some examples of cigars which have been launched recently.
Ashton Senorita is an amazing part of the small cigars series and belongs to Netherlands. They have a medium strength and have a shade grown wrapper. Their flavor is buttery, peppery and earthy and the smoke is full of sparkles of spice, mint and coffee. The best part is that it never becomes harsh and bitter in taste and it’s always serves as a pleasure. The wrapper and binder of these cigarillos are combined in a wonderful way that brings a unique flavor and great taste.
Montecristo White Label Montes are handmade cigars with a Connecticut shaded wrapper and have a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers and binders. These cigarillos have a medium body and an impressive appearance. They offer a well balanced creamy and woody taste with hot shots of dark chocolate and coffee. They also carry pleasures of herbs and leathery notes.
Romeo y Julieta Minis provides you a perfect way to enjoy the true flavor of Romeo Y Julieta when you are rushing and cannot take out long hours for the big one. It features amazingly balanced flavours of coffee, forest wood, leather and has a creamy taste. These also contain sprinkles of sweet spice that make them a completely enjoyable short time cigarillo stick.
Zino Red Mini are also handmade cigarillos from Holland and they contain an impressive wrapping of precious tobacco leaves from Brazilian lands. Their binders and fillers are also Brazilian in origin. Thus, these wonderful small cigars combine special features from various parts of the world. These serve as one of the perfectly balanced blends and carry a unique taste and flavor. The wrapping is light in color and has a smooth texture. They burn very smoothly and have a firm and white ash. Their rolling is perfect and smoke is flawless.
Calderilla Cigarillos are one of the most robust small cigars and belong to an exclusive brand for cigarillos. They provide a smooth and relaxing smoke which lasts almost for half an hour. They are mild in strength and carry creamy and coffee notes. The nutty and peppery shots are found throughout the smoke and it ends with a sweet and spicy hint.
Whatever you choose; the small cigars are going to be your best companions in your short breaks!

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