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Giorgios Arvanitis December 17, 2013
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Cohiba cigars started their journey few decades earlier.

That time, this brand used to be for diplomats of Cuban government. Thus, Cohiba has always been a special brand, especially as one of the pioneer Cuban cigar brands. The restriction upheld until 1981 and it started producing for civil in 1982. The first attempt was to work with three sizes like Esplendidos, Coronas and Lanceros. The company added another three cigar lines in 1989 (Robustos, Explendidos and Exquisitos). Special five sizes of cigars were introduced to celebrate the discovery of Cuba (Siglo I, II, III, IV and V). These cigars line are still known for the top notch quality. The brand also gets so much attention as Fidel Castro used to smoke of Cohiba.

Siglo VI is one of the most significant productions of Cohiba. The production note has made it even more special amongst smokers around the world than it was imagined. 5000 Boxes sound quite rare if you count on the number of people look for premium or limited editions. Cuban cigars have always got extra flair that gets into action while introducing a new cigar line under a popular cigar production company. Siglo VI is produced by harvesting one the of best Cuban tobacco leaves known as Gran Reserva. Marketed as 25 pieces in a box and price will be around 500$.

Esplendidos have been sized introduced with usual size and ring gauge. One of the vintage Cohiba cigar lines that offer an authentic taste with amazing looks. Nothing can sound better if you get such especial cigar box within 480$.

Lanceros is offered with quite shorter ring gauge when you compare with the standard measurement. Potential length will be 7 or 8 inches, and 38 ring gauze has made it special introduction at Cuban market. Such special edition has always been expensive from the company, and this one is no difference. With just 629$, it’s possible to smoke 50 pieces of Lanceros cigar.

Robusto was a great edition after introducing some classic cigars by Cohiba. This cigar has offered complex flavors with a distinct taste. It starts with a touch of crack pepper. As it progresses, it brings our earthy note and deep woody flavors evolving with dried fruit, cocoa, leathery notes and citrus. All these flavors have perfectly complimented so that it just becomes a pleasure to smoke a stick. 25 pieces in a well shaped box with the price of 363$ is something beginners should follow.

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