New 2013 Regional Editions reviews

Giorgios Arvanitis December 17, 2013
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Regional editions have always been a real surprise by the cigar brands.

Cigar companies from Cuba and Non-Cuba have always targeted customers through their unique releases with limited quantities to make real hype over the cigar lines. Regional edition for specific continents or countries has been marked impressively as they have always been produced with the best quality tobacco leaves along with required materials to make classic taste cigars. Regional editions are mostly manufactured as hand rolled style, thus makes it even more special for cigar aficionados. Recent releases from world known cigar companies have been accepted quite nicely by the cigar smokers. These regional editions have always received brisk selling rate.

Current statistics on region editions has showed positive marks. Like El Rey Del Mundo Infantes as regional edition has hit Cuban cigar marketed recently. With a standard robust size cigar with special fragrance and taste, one would expect to capture market quite easily. One of the representatives of La Casa Del Habano from Partagas factory has mentioned about the eagerness of cigar smokers. Some of the sellers have mentioned as sold out product. It is expected to make real vibe over the Cuban cigar markets being the latest regional edition of 2013. This cigar has maintained the typical size of premium Cuban cigar and marketed in 10 pieces box.
1. La Flor De Cano Grandiosos was released in Asia Pacific region. The Grandiosos is considered as the first one that has been released outside of UK. This cigar line was launched in Hong Kong at Cohiba Atmosphere in 2013. The dimension of Grandiosos is maintained similar of Montecristo Edmundo with a length of 135 mm and ring gauge of 52. This cigar is released just 1 year later when El Rey Del Mundo Aniversario was released as Asia Pacific Regional Edition. Thus, it shows the urgency from different cigar brands as they like to capture markets of all continents. With just 5000 notes have been produced, it’s expected to create a buzz amongst cigar aficionados pretty soon.

2. Bolivar has confirmed a special regional edition for Belgium and Luxemburg. A story was published in 2013 revealing the possibility of releasing a large sized Bolivar cigar in both countries. Size is confirmed from Vitola stated as Rogolfo. This size has been followed for special releases like Coleccion Bolivar 2010 and San Cristobal Muralla. Length of 180 mm with a ring gauge of 54 has already made tremendous buzz in the market.

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