Habanos – Bit of History

Giorgios Arvanitis December 17, 2013
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It’s always fascinating to know histories. If a country has a rich culture, you might get to know about interesting stories with their cultural overlapping.


With years pass along with social value, it gets modified in a positive way. Country with rich cultural has never forced their self esteem and views of living life. Habanos is one of those places that people remember for its rich history of cigar. Being a cigar aficionado, you must have heard about Habanos and rich cigar history. The starter was way back in 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered so called new world. Luis de Torres Disembark and Rodrigo de Jerez stayed in Cuba and found something really interesting amongst people. They stated that, men and women held small pieces of tinder that had to light with specific herbs which they used like perfume to observe their custom.

There was another entrance of this unique tobacco leaves when Luis De Torres went to Spanish envoy in 1493. He was condemned up to 10 years for sorcery after getting arrested. In 1519, Cortez arrived in Mexico and found people enjoying smoking pipes. Tobacco got circulated via Cadiz, Moguer, Cartagena and Lisbon through Portuguese port. First documented appreciation from a writer named Jean d’Ango about tobacco leaves. He wrote an interesting story where he met with an old sailor and had experienced with brownish clay object. He amused with the structure as it was a long pipe but a short mouth. The sailor crushed few brown colored leaves with his hands and taken into the pip to fire. Another interesting fact about cigar is that, it used as the first currency for trading at the coastal slaves in Africa.

As the century’s passed away, the usage of tobacco spread into continents. At 17th century, the first tobacco manufacturing factory was set for making export in Seville from Madrid. Catherine who is the mother of band invention as she looked on the fact of soiling finger due to tobacco stains. She was an avid cigar smoker, and successful enough to spread the use of bands within cigar body. The first mass production of cigar with export took place in between 1748 to 1753 when Cuba supplied almost 800 tons of tobacco. Few decades later, a German tobacco manufacturing company started producing and marketing tobacco sticks that eventually named as cigar. The name given by the German company was Bastoni Di Tabacco.

This is how the commercialization of cigar started, and Habanos was lucky enough to stand some of the world famous or legends of the cigar industry. Years passed away, and newer cigar brands were popping into cigar market.

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