Cuban Cigars vs Costa Rican Cigars

Giorgios Arvanitis December 17, 2013
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Costa Rica is an emerging cigar producing country. It locates in the heart of Central America.


Neighbor countries are Panama and Nicaragua that helps the country to export goods easily. This country is basically known for the production of coffee than cigars. Over the years, Costa Rica has made itself as one of the pioneers of Central America in terms of manufacturing one of the best cigars across the world.

Costa Rica is lucky enough to have a great environment and fertile land for growing quality tobacco plant. Thus, the country has become successful producing many world class cigars. Being a newcomer, the cigar industry has not been successful to broad it’s marketing place, but they have been receiving good reviews from cigar aficionados. Having great puros (a company who has all ingredients within themselves like binder, filler, wrapper, tobacco leaves and not to get anything from another country) is something every smoker would die for years.

It is expected cigars from Costa Rica will surely receive the applause in coming years being so rich in resources. The real pickup of Costa Rican cigars started when there had been widespread damages in Nicaragua and Honduras. Being one of the most expensive countries within the continent, cigar factories in this country have to make their productions limited due to the high amount of taxes. Statistics show that, Costa Rican factories have to spend 3 times more than Nicaraguan and 5 times more than Honduras in terms of operating cigar business. Popular Costa Rican cigar brands like Fundacion Ancestral, Bucanero Cigars, Puricos Colinas, Cumbres, Don Tuto, Don Benigno, Brun De Re, Vegas De Santiago, Bahias etc.

Cuban cigar history can’t be matched with any country’s cigar venture. Rich history of cigar production and cultivation has made this country number Uno! There are so many reasons for which cigar aficionados still prefer getting cigars from Cuban cigar markets than any other country specified brand. Best tobacco plant and hand rolled cigar makers Cuban cigar factories are still going strong throughout the world. The demand of handmade Cuban cigar with flavorsome additions is turned to be an unmatched combination comparing with cigars from countries like Honduras, Costa Rica or Dominican Republic. Brands like Cohiba, Montecristo, Trinidad, and Bolivar are still pounding on the newcomers. Due to price issue, hand rolled cigars is not being smoked by everyone. Still this cigar has gotten a huge market in different continents. The only way to describe Cuban cigar is the king of the cigar industry.

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