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Giorgios Arvanitis December 17, 2013
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Being a traveler, you should not think about destinations available here. There are so many things that you must visit while staying in Cuba. Cuba has always been popular on cigar. If you love cigar smoking, there is no better place to find both authentic and flavored cigars than Cuba. Havana is the core of cigar factories. Most of the premium cigar factories are running in this city.

There are few tips that help while visiting in Cuba. Being a beginner cigar smoker, you might need few important tips on selecting cigar brands. First step is to know about ring sizes of Cuban cigars. They are basically offered in inches to measure the length and is also stated as ring number. Most cases, regular or premium Cuban cigars have a ring gauge in between 44-64. There might be few exceptions as some of the limited editions or special editions.

Cigars are basically divided into two major categories. Straight side is known as Parejos, and irregular shape is stated as Figurados. Parejos is undoubtedly most common cigars across the world. Most smokers are quite familiar with this cigar shape as maximum brands like Churchills, Coronas, Robustos, Panatelas, Double Coronas, Londsdales are available in the market in figurados. Torpedo shape cigar has pointed head with a closed foot. Pyramid shape cigar is also pointed closely but widens slightly. Perfecto cigars have both sides closed, and Culebra has been twisted three Panatelas. Diademas is not regular size cigar as it has been manufactured for 8 inches where one or two heads will be closed.

Whenever you travel in Cuba, especially for cigars; you need to be specific on cigar colors. Cigar color is determined through the wrapper which is basically divided six categories. Dark Brown Maduro just like black coffee. It’s a traditional Havana color which offers sweet taste and rich flavor. Colorado presents Maduro is also dark brown, and it also offers rich aromatic flavor. This wrapper is mostly used by the Honduran cigars. Colorado presents Claro medium brown wrapper is another classic that has been used by the Dominican Republic Cigar brands.

Cigars need to be stored perfectly. To keep cigars in perfect condition, there should be proper humidors available. You must keep them in 65 F or 70% humidity level. Cuban cigars have a big part on storage issue. If cigars are properly stored for few years, it’s possible to have a perfect tasted Cuban cigar.

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