A perfect springtime cigar!

Giorgios Arvanitis December 17, 2013
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Viaje holds his unique reputation when it comes to cigars. Although the cigar making is limited to small batches, yet the quality is remarkable. Viaje works on quality rather than quantity. For him, producing little but a quality product is better than a mass production of ill quality products.
Viaje’s choice of rolling the cigars in candela:
Viaje’s choice of rolling his cigars into candela wrappers is classy and excellent. A candela is the wrapper of your cigar that is responsible for adding up the flavor to the cigars. According to some experts, it is easier to guess the taste of the cigar by observing the color of its wrapper. Common wrappers include Candela, Connecticut, Natural, Corojo, Habano, Maduro and vice versa. Candelas wrappers, with their beautiful green color and leafy aroma when lit, are the favorite wrapper of many cigar lovers. The Double Claro is another name of this stogie. The tobacco leaves are picked up before the plant has fully matured. Due to this immature picking, the chlorophyll content doesn’t leave the leaf and this is perhaps the reason behind their green color. The candela has its own typical taste of cedar, grass, pepper and a tint of sweetness is also found in the wrapper. The strength is medium and absolutely enjoyable.
Viaje’s cigar has candela with light green beautiful appearance. This eye catching cigar’s candela is of absolutely pure quality and rich in taste.
WLP candela 2013:
Like the previous year, Viaje has come up with his brand-new candela this year as well. Released on March 4th, 2013, this candela is lighter in shades as compared to the earlier ones. Not only, the color shades has variations; the taste of this candela is more polished and a little unique than the previous one. Due to a large number of consumers and their demands, the good news this year is that Viaje has increased the number of candela cigars this year. Unlike last year, this year around 175 bundles are being released. Each bundle itself has got 25 cigars each.
The cigar comes in the size of 5x 50 in the candela wrapper. While Nicaraguan is used as the filler and binder, this cigar is mild to medium in strength. The cigar is not very smooth, and a little rough to touch yet the appearance is classy with the seasonal touch.
The cigar has a triple cap and a white colored label with Viaje’s initials.
The blend of perfect flavors of this springtime cigar is simply magnificent. The cigar is unique as it has a vegetable touch in it. However, the spicy pepper and grassy notes are also strongly recognizable. The blend of coffee and lemony grass gives this cigar a little harsh touch. This candela has somewhat Colorado like taste, which makes it different. However, the blend of flavors and their timely appearance makes the cigar irresistible. It is impossible that if you smoked one WLP candela, you will not go for another one. The cigar burns with light cool flames, which are beautiful and enjoyable. WLP candela is for sure a cigar to smoke when you want a mild to moderate strength cigar and relax after one long hectic day.

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