5 Reasons Why Cuban Cigars are Popular

Giorgios Arvanitis July 30, 2014
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Some people argue that Cuban Cigars are clearly the best cigars available when it comes down to quality and experience. However, there is more to a Cuban Cigar than the fact that it is made in Havana. Here are a few reasons as to why these cigars are so special.


1. Quality Control
It cannot be argued that Cuban Cigars are of very high quality. Two main factors are what bring about this level of quality. Firstly, Cuba has no shortage of experience when it comes to cultivating tobacco. The country and its people have been doing so for nearly hundred years having practiced it even when they were under Spanish Colonial Rule. Apart from experience, the Cuban Cigar industry falls under direct government regulation. Governmental efforts, which are long and stringent, ensure that every step of the production process has been dealt with aptly from rolling to transportation.

2. Great Care
During the production process, great care is poured in by producers and workers alike. It is believed that round about a hundred steps are required in order to produce a Cuban Cigar. Moreover, care is also placed when it comes to raw materials with producers ensuring that only the best are used during production. Even though the production is carried out by a monopoly, that is Habanos, S.A. quality is a factor that is not compromised regardless of the diversity in lengths of the cigars or the brand being produced.

3. Experience
The experience of smoking a Cuban Cigar is considered to be a pleasant one as the smoke is said to be mild. Moreover, because of the high quality and the minimum amount of impurities one can say that the cigar doesn’t hit the throat. With a glass of Santiago rum, the experience can last for more than an hour.

4. Hard to Get
Some believe that the secret behind a Cuban Cigar’s popularity is the forbidden fruit factor. The embargoes that the United States placed on Cuba resulted in a boycott of Cuban Cigars along with other goods previously exported. Therefore, since they are hard to get, and are relatively expensive, Cuban Cigars stand as a measure of effort, luxury and have an added ‘touch of being illegal.

5. Fermentation
Fermentation of tobacco leaves adds flavor, and when it comes to Cuban Cigars, their tobacco leaves are fermented twice at least, and are aged for a time period ranging from a few months to a few short years. Some leaves that are used in the Cohibas brand undergo a third fermentation! Again, all this effort is poured in so that taste may be added to the cigars.

To end, these are only the primary reasons why Cuban cigars are popular. Cuban cigars have strong, slender body which does not mellow once the person starts smoking. There effect is also strong although beginners can look after for Cuban cigars with mild flavor. At this present time of writing, Cuban cigars are also available as e-cigars which contain no nicotine.

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